Who we are

ItagRo-servizi is a Romanian company providing services in the agricultural sector.
The Company is based in Salaj county, commune Marca.
The company is born in 2006 under the name of Daniel Albero in order to offer viable services and solutions for the  Romanian agriculture near the accession to the European Union.

2012 is a year of major changes for the company who adopted  its current name, hire specialized staff with experience in the italian  vineyard  and fruit growing sector  and launches a series of investments in specialized machinery.

In the same year ItagRo-servizi made the first works in Italy.

Over the years ItagRo-servizi established vineyards in Romanian’s most important viticultural areas and performed maintenance works  in vineyards of central and northern Italy.

Today, together with our Italian partners is studying expansion in the Balkans countries with great grapes growing potential  as Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Iunie 2015 – Standul ItagRo la “Romagna in Campo”